Our Braiders

Andrea Gaines

Andrea - Romance Braids Andrea is the founder and owner of Romance Braids. She is a master braider and licensed cosmetologist with more than 12 years of experience braiding. She has braided at numerous venues across the nation such as the Georgia and New York Renaissance festivals, the Southern California Pleasure Faire, Sherwood Forest Faire, and even Stone Mountain Park in Georgia.

Jennifer Kuhn

Jennifer - Romance Braids Jennifer started as a hostess for Romance Braids several years ago, and has progressed rapidly by learning dozens of complicated braids in a very short time.

Amoreena Hunt

Amoreena - Romance Braids Amoreena is a master braider who has braided hair on the renaissance circuit for years, and has been a licensed cosmetologist since 1995! You can see her braids walking around some of the biggest renaissance festivals in the country, such as the Texas Renaissance Festival, Michigan Renaissance, and even the Sherwood Forest Faire!